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April 22, 2022

Getting To Know … Sharon Bill (Musician, author)

In this episode I got to speak to Sharon Bill! A wonderful musician, teacher, author and YouTuber who helps people pass their ABRSM exams. I reached out to her after seeing her videos on YouTube and enjoying how well she taught. We spoke about a lot of things during our chat, such as families, teaching, growing up, writing and of course ... MUSIC! Sharon has a deep passion for classical music and you can feel her enthusiasm for music whenever she starts to talk about it. I'm always fascinated by piano players because to me it always seems to be an instrument that is 'out of reach' to master, but listening to Sharon talk about it and seeing her videos on YouTube, she makes it reachable and her infectious enthusiasm for the instrument rubs off! At least, it has on me. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation. Go and give her some likes and follows at the links below. 






Theme Back To The Basement by The Queers 

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